Dream Report 5.0 Release

Summary of the New Functionality and Enhancements

  • Electronic signature in the web portal – Authorized users now can electronically sign reports from the DRWeb portal. This feature was developed in addition to the standalone e-Signature Console.
  • New report output format – XML report files – A new user-configurable XML output format allows users to build reports to comply with XML submission requirements of water quality reports.
  • Script Object with objects library – Using LUA scripting, users can build their own graphical objects for reports ( e.g., a circular
    chart object, status displays, etc).
  • New Script-based Graphical Objects (based on script object library) – Gantt chart, new gauges, and other graphical objects and shapes.
  • Powerful BI Dashboards – Create, share, and manage dashboards through user-friendly interfaces, and connect your dashboards to all your Industrial and Business data sources.
  • Object-independent Updates in Web Portal – Faster updates of web reports, with uninterrupted web page refreshes.
  • Chart reference lines – Option to add Vertical and Horizontal reference lines based on preset or dynamic criteria/limits. For the Web Interactive Chart, the new interactive cursors will allow highlighting of a
    selected area of data points on line charts.
  • Batch Manager enhancements – Ability to use advanced SQL conditions, use DSN-less database connections, and improved user interface.
  • Analytic Data Server (ADS) – Dream Report becomes an “information platform” for external systems. Expose Dream Report’s powerful data aggregation and calculation engine to other HMI’s, web portals, custom applications, etc.
  • OPC DA Server for ADS – A new Dream Report OPC Server exposes the Analytic Data Server. The OPC Server exposes the project’s data to external third-party tools as a real-time OPC data source.
  • Cost Calculation Module – The Cost module allows users to define rates and tariffs (i.e., methods and definitions calculation of Cost), and use the results of those calculations in the reports. It has support for Energy Tariffs & Billing rates/schedules for utilities billing reports.
  • New options in “Counter” statistical function – The “Counter” statistical function has been enhanced to allow the user to specify the “totalizer” direction (increasing/decreasing counter), as well as new options for counter calculations, including simple difference (last value minus first value), up-counter, downcounter or automatic mode. Additionally, if Cost calculations have been defined, a Cost definition can be associated with the Counter calculation.
  • “Difference” Statistical function in Bar object – The “Difference” statistical function is now available in the Bar Graph object. This is useful for production counters and utility meter displays over various time intervals.
  • Dynamic Alarm Filters and Filter Selection from the web – Dream Report 5.0 version introduces a new option in the Web Combo box – “List of Alarm Filters”. This enables users to select predefined alarm filters in ad hoc reports on alarms and events.
  • New Alarm Statistical functions (in Single Data Object, Bar Graph, …) – New statistical functions for alarms statistics calculations in several data objects – Maximum duration, minimum duration, maximum response time, minimum response time.
  • Optional In-memory Calculation of Step Commands – The Step Table object can enable “in-memory calculation” option in, which provides significant improvement in generation performance of the Step Table where this option is selected. Please note that this option will impact available memory, so should be used with a reasonable amount of data.
  • Freemium License – Free for distributors, 10-tag Dream Report permanent license available.
  • Subscription License Model – Dream Report version 5 supports both permanent and annual subscription licensing. For more details please contact your sales representative.
  • New Advanced ODBC Alarm driver – Extracting alarms from 3rd party databases using simple mapping with dynamic parameters list and alarm filters.
  • New System Driver – Exposes “system health” parameters for reporting.
  • Proficy Historian Alarm Driver performance enhancement – Improved driver for GE Historian historical alarms extraction.
  • IntelaTrac Driver enhancement – Exposes data collected from nested/conditional rounds in IntelaTrac.
  • WWALM Driver enhancement for alarms/events – Ability to configure extraction of alarms and/or events separately, resulting in faster query times.
  • Updated Communication Driver Names – The descriptive names of several communication drivers have been updated to better reflect the current product names/functionality with which they work.