Technical News

WIN-911 – 3.19.5 Release

The 3.19.5 release of WIN-911 covers a range of topics with the biggest highlights being updated support for current AVEVA software products.

Aveva Enterprise Licensing version 3.5.1 is now available!

The AVEVA Enterprise Licensing system is a common platform that allows you to effectively and efficiently manage AVEVA Enterprise Software product licenses. It is composed of a browser-based License Manager and a License Server that work together to allow you to share and deliver licenses for your installed products with or without an Internet connection.

  • License Manager and License Server are installed as part of the product installation process.
  • You can install License Manager and License Server on the same computer or on separate computers in your network.
  • One License Manager web server can manage multiple License Servers. However, a License Server can

Dream Report 5.0 Release

Dream Report 5.0 changes the game for industrial reports and dashboards by expanding its user interface with new and true interactive dashboard design and operation. No other industrial product is as capable as Dream Report for reports and dashboards. This release also delivers many more valuable features, designed for every market and every application

versiondog 6.5.2 Release

In this versiondog 6.5.2 release, AUVESY have focused on optimizing support for TIA Portal, integrating FactoryTalk View 10, plus a number of additional improvements and minor bug fixes.