How to configure Wonderware DASABCIP for unsolicited message handling

Tech Note: ISS-TN074
Published Date: October 1, 2008
Primary Product: Communication Drivers
Revision Date:

Applies to

  • Wonderware DASABCIP version 2.0 and higher


For certain classes of critical alarms, it may be best to allow the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to notify the data clients immediately rather than waiting for a polling interval to update the alarm point at the HMI (Human Machine Interface). For this type of event, certain Allen Bradley PLCs have the ability to send unsolicited messages to clients. Once the PLC is properly configured via the RSLogix programming interface, a Wonderware DASABCIP topic can be configured to accept unsolicited messages. Please refer to the Allen Bradley documentation for guidance on setting up the PLC network for unsolicited message configuration and support.

The following processors are supported for unsolicited messages:

  • PLC-5 and SLC 5/04 via DH+ (Data Highway Plus network)
  • Logix5000 and MicroLogix 1100 processors via Ethernet
  • Logix5000, PLC-5and SLC500 processors via ControlNet

For more information about supported processors, go to the Wonderware DASABCIP documentation in the ArchestrA System Management Console (SMC → Help menu→ Help Topics → ABCIP DAServer Online Help → Configuration → Configuring Device Group and Device Item Definitions: Unsolicited Message Handling topic).


1. Open the ArchestrA System Management Console (SMC) (Start→All Programs→Wonderware→System Management Console).

2. In the System Management Console select DAServer Manager Snap-in, and expand until target ArchestrA.DASABCIP Configuration level is exposed (DAServer Manager→Default Group→Local→ArchestrADASABCIP.X→Configuration).

3. Select and right-click on “Configuration” level. Create and configure the following objects:

  • PORT_CIP (logical representation of the Ethernet port for CIP communications in a computer),
  • ENB_CLX (logical representation of the ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Bridge module),
  • BACKPLANE_CLX (logical representation of the backplane communications bus of the ControlLogix rack) and
  • LOGIX5000_CLX (logical representation of the ControlLogix processor)

Select the target controller (in our example it will be New_LOGIX5000_CLX_000).

4. In the right-hand pane of the Wonderware System Management Console, you should see some configuration details related to the LOGIX5000_CLX object. Select the Device Groups tab from the target controller configuration and create a new topic (right-click on the pane).

5. The topic should be configured to accept unsolicited messages. To do that select the topic, right-click over the topic name and select Edit from the popup menu for additional configuration.

6. On the resulting Device Group Parameters window, select the checkbox Support Unsolicited Messages and click OK.

Note: Any topic can be configured to accept unsolicited messages. To configure a topic that only accepts unsolicited messages, you can set the topic’s update interval to 0. This will force the Wonderware DA Server to poll the topic only once at startup and any update from the controller would need to be via unsolicited messages. This configuration could potentially cut down on message traffic in the process control network if properly implemented.

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