Reasons to Maintain Your Customer FIRST Agreement

Renewing and maintaining your Wonderware Customer FIRST Support Agreement is one of the most cost-effective ways of protecting your software investment. It saves you time and money while ensuring you uninterrupted access to technical support, software upgrades and invaluable technical resources.

Being on support, you can:

  • Get immediate access to the latest software releases with new features
  • Maintain your system with patches, service packs and hotfixes
  • Get expert technical support – online, phone and email
  • Download tools & utilities to help manage your software deployment
  • And more…

Software Upgrades

Nothing stays the same, demands change, technology changes and requirements change. Your software tools need to change with you to continually support the business. Each year, Wonderware invests millions of dollars into R&D to further improve performance and security, while embracing new technologies and functionalities to meet the evolving market demand. Things like Mobile, Windows 10 and Situational Awareness are just some of the things that have been added over the last couple years. And we can’t wait to show you what’s coming next.

2017 was full of new releases, and new products. 2018 will continue with patches and service packs. Staying on support gets you all the new version releases to help you stay on top of change.

Sneak Peak at Upcoming Products & Releases!

  • Wonderware 2017 includes enhancements to InTouch, Historian, System Platform and more.
  • Online InStudio is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering that revolutionizes the way software engineers, Systems Integrators and end users can provision, develop, test and maintain their HMI and SCADA applications.
  • Prometheus: Not magic, just really amazing technology – it’s the world’s first End-to-End Lifecycle Management solution for control systems that allows you to build once and use everywhere, across PLCs, RTUs and HMI. All in real-time!

Technical Support

You have specific business objectives and responsibilities that rarely include troubleshooting industrial software technical issues. Let us be your technical experts so you can focus on what you do best, producing great products and results. With an active support agreement, you have access to support experts who have years of experience supporting diverse Wonderware software solutions. Our support experts are quick to react to your troubles with an average response time of 1 hour, and are adept at understanding implementation, replicating problems and resolving them quickly and efficiently typically providing a resolution within 48 hours. Customers, like you, have given our team an overall 94% satisfaction rating. Renewing your support agreement enables us to continue providing you with exceptional service when issues arise.

Hour Response Time
Average Hours to Resolution

% Satisfaction Rating


Support Resources & Tools

The benefits of Wonderware Customer first extend beyond just technical support and free version upgrades. Additional resources include Software Asset Manager, a utility that helps track and manage your software assets across your organization enabling simplified analysis of what Wonderware products are installed and what version they are at. In addition, numerous online resources are available both on the Industrial Software Solutions website here and the Global Customer Support website:

That’s just the beginning – Wonderware Customer FIRST offers a wide range of optional services allowing you to customize what is critical to your business from Cyber Security, Proactive Monitoring, Technical resources and more.