Frequently Asked Training Questions

What does your tuition cover?

Tuition includes instruction, course materials*, computer time, breakfast, lunch and a variety of snacks. Other meals, transportation, lodging and all other expenses are the responsibility of the student.

* All training materials are copyrighted by our partners and cannot be duplicated, reproduced or transmitted in any form without prior written permission.

What is your cancellation policy?

If a student cancels registration in a class, tuition charges are refundable ONLY if a cancellation notice is received by Industrial Software Solutions at least two (2) weeks prior to the first day of class. If a cancellation is made less than two weeks prior to the first day of class but more than two (2) business days prior to the first day of class then a service charge of 50% of the tuition will be assessed. Those failing to give at least two (2) business days notice of will be liable for the full tuition.

When are your classes scheduled and when do they start & end each day?

The class schedule is based upon demand. Due to ease of transportation and lodging, classes are most often held in metropolitan areas such as Portland and Calgary. If there is a particular class you would like to attend and/or don’t see it on the list, please contact our Training Coordinator.

Classes generally start at approximately 8:30 am each day and end approximately between 4:30 pm and 5:00 pm. (Check your course confirmation for exact times.)

How should I prepare for training?

Learn about the product

There is a lot of material available covering our entire solution portfolio. Take the opportunity to read about the product you will be learning and understand its capabilities. Be sure to check out our Solutions section, Educational Videos, and other areas to learn about our solutions.

Let others know you’ll be unavailable

A lot of material is packed into these courses and they represent a unique opportunity to ask questions of Instructors in person. Disruptions to the course can impact your and fellow student learning experiences. Cellphones should be turned off during class, there will be plenty of breaks.

Do you offer onsite training?

Yes, we offer onsite certified customer training delivered at your facility. These classes can be held at your location, or at a nearby hotel or training facility. Our onsite training allows us to adjust the training times to meet the specific shift needs of your company.

Industrial Software Solutions provides the training materials and all the necessary software preinstalled on our training systems to conduct the training class. The customer will supply the classroom. Contact the Training Coordinator for a tuition and fees estimate for your particular onsite training needs.

How do I pay for a scheduled class?

Payment for Industrial Software Solutions classes may be handled by:

  • A valid Purchase Order
  • Prepayment by credit card via a secure payment link

What is the attire when attending a course?

Recommended attire is business casual.

How are your classrooms set up?

Class Size

Enrollment is usually limited to twelve (12) students in order to provide an appropriate level of personal attention.

Course Length

Courses are typically two to five days in length, and are built around a standard course curriculum. This proven lecture/lab format leads students through a logical progression of topics for optimal understanding. In addition to the required course materials, each student is assured extra hands-on work with our enhanced lab exercises.

Course Materials

Each student is provided their own Workstation running all of the applicable software for the course topic. In addition, each student receives a copy of the Training Course Manual to use and take home. The manual contains all of the discussion topics and labs for the entire course.

Who teaches the training classes?

Industrial Software Solutions consistently meets the rigorous qualification process set forth by our partners to qualify as a Certified Training Provider.

Our class instructors, made up of our Tech Support Specialists and System Consultants, have all passed Certified Support Provider (CSP) and Certified Training Provider (CTP) examinations. Combined, these individuals represent several dozens of years of experience in industrial controls and information management.

When not in class, they are providing technical support and application support to our customers with troubleshooting and implementation questions.