What’s New in Wonderware 2017

In this webinar, you will learn about the latest updates, features, and releases in Wonderware 2017, including updates to:

System Platform:

  • NextGen Visualization Client – Operations Management Interface (OMI)
  • Agile Cloud Development
  • Object Wizards, a Complete Automation Library
  • Native Multi-touch and Gesture Controls,
  • Plug-and-Play Apps and Dynamic Application Build Out all help you to unite your process and enterprise
  • Built-in IIoT Connectivity

InTouch OMI:

  • The worlds first Operations Management Interface (OMI) – a revolutionary new way to build rich, modern user experiences across all platforms with simple and re-usable HMI content

Wonderware Prometheus:

  • The industry’s first universal configuration solution that defines, programs and documents your control code into all your control systems from the HMI to your PLCs and I/O

Historian, Online InSight and more!