Virsec Webinar – Securing Software at Runtime: The Real Story

In order to secure your software while it’s running, you must first understand it. Join Jim Routh, CISO veteran and industry expert, and Dave Furneaux, CEO of Virsec, to learn how.

There is confusion in the cyber world today about “runtime protection.” Many vendors mentioning runtime protection really mean that they are spotting malicious activity after it has taken place and are taking steps to contain and remediate an exploit after the fact. In this webinar, Jim Routh and Dave Furneaux discuss:

  • Limitations of machine learning & artificial intelligence in protecting software at runtime
  • The importance of protecting software workloads from the inside in a way that allows an attacker zero dwell time
  • How to create a dynamic golden image of your software that shows exactly what it is doing – and how to use Virsec Security Platform to stop malicious activity before it starts