Operate in 15 webisode 9: Being Inconsistent is Bad for Operational Reliability

Watch this session with Justin Thomas, Sr. Manager for Channel Sales as we explore how to get started at operationalizing artificial intelligence by leveraging your existing data to provide guided analytics that empower your teams to be more productive and reduce surprises, improving reliability.

In this video, Justin references the AVEVA solution, Guided Analytics. What is AVEVA Guided Analytics? It’s an extension of the Insight platform. When asset failure conditions are not well known, or just too complex to identify, users can leverage Guided Analytics to explicitly identify a group of tags to be monitored for anomalies.

The AVEVA Insight Guided Analytics plug-ins make it easy to catch anomalies to predict failure and therefore minimize downtime. You will receive early warning of equipment issues and leverage AI in the cloud to learn from past data and understand the relationships between sensors. It is an invaluable next step in any digital transformation journey.

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