Operate in 15 Webisode 6: Why AVEVA Operations Control

Why AVEVA Operations control? We believe that empowering workers, from edge to enterprise, with unlimited access to actionable information is essential to drive growth through increased operational efficiency, agility, and reliability.

As part of AVEVA Flex, AVEVA Operations Control represents the next step in making AVEVA’s entire HMI, SCADA and Operations portfolio available as part of a simplified licensing offer to speed time to value and provide you with the software you need to drive improved decision-making across the entire business.

Join us as John Krajewski, Vice President of Product Management in the Operations Portfolio, discusses the trends and customer experiences that led to the new AVEVA Operations Control subscription offer as a comprehensive information environment for modern industry.

AVEVA Operations Control are subscription offers offered through AVEVA Flex. They deliver added value to organizations of any size with the flexibility to access the most comprehensive industrial operations management software and scale as their business requirements change.

For more Operations Control information, download the brochure.

AVEVA Operations Control has three core offers (Edge, Supervisory and Enterprise) that provide all the tools necessary for Plant/Field, Control Room, and Enterprise teams to drive actionable information, collaborate effectively, and accelerate their operational excellence. Contact Industrial Software Solutions for guidance on selecting the right offer for your operations.