On Demand Webinar – Connected, Consolidated and Contextualized: Maximize the Value of Data with a Unified Operations Center

Although accelerating, the challenges faced by today’s organizations are the same as those faced in the past; constantly evolving market conditions, increasing regulatory requirements, constrained resources, knowledge retention and skills development, and so on. Technology is widely seen as a way to mitigate some of these challenges.

Developments in communications, data storage and analytics, artificial intelligence, and web applications have resulted in a proliferation of technologies entering a typical organization. Despite having these ‘smart systems’, the promised benefits are often not fully realized. These disparate systems generate masses of data and information on their own but fail to provide a holistic picture of the operation that is real time, actionable, and presented in context.

AVEVA’s Unified Operations Center (UOC) is a commercially available offer to meet these challenges. Leveraging a system-of-systems approach, AVEVA’s UOC harmonizes data and information from existing systems to create an interactive digital twin of assets and processes.

Watch this presentation to learn more about UOC and what your organization can achieve with it.