Keeping Ransomware Out of Critical Infrastructure: Analysis of the Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack (Virsec Webinar)

Between the SolarWinds attack, MS Exchange server hack, and recent ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, countless organizations across nearly every industry have been laid bare, and it’s open season for ransomware threat actors. Though most companies had an enhanced cybersecurity infrastructure in place to safeguard information integrity and business continuity, the stone-cold truth is that conventional security tools did not protect organizations against either of those attacks, nor will they be able to protect against future sophisticated and evasive remote code execution exploits.

And now that so many back doors are open, get ready for the next wave of ransomware attacks. Malicious code that executes undetected during runtime can bring the entire system down … all it takes is one click.

The Virsec security solution detects and stops ransomware attacks at the first step in the kill chain. Learn best practices to defend your environment from ransomware attacks, as well as actionable steps you can employ today.