Deep Dive on System Platform 2017’s InTouch OMI

In this webinar, we’ll take a deep dive into the features of System Platform 2017’s InTouch OMI – the world’s first Operations Management Interface (OMI) – a revolutionary new way to build rich, modern user experiences across all platforms with simple and re-usable HMI content.

Built on the same core ArchestrA technology as Wonderware System Platform, InTouch OMI’s high performance engine can render 50 graphic displays of 4K resolutions per application – 6 to 10x faster in graphic rendering performance than InTouch for System Platform on 1/10 memory footprint (e.g. 200 clients on single terminal server). With improved and simplified system scalability, you can now run an entire 100K IO application project on a single machine.

Key benefits and capabilities of InTouch OMI include:

  • Delivering more simplicity- HMI runtime pan and zoom, multi-touch gestures
  • Increasing productivity- New InTouch script editor
  • Improving performance- Redesigned events and alarms control
  • Saving development time – Application templates
  • Improving engineering productivity- Repeatable window templates
  • Leveraging the power of ArchestrA Graphics with ‘Frame’ type windows
  • Designing applications for any target resolution on any device