7 Use Cases and HMI SCADA Solutions Using AVEVA EDGE 2020

Scott Kortier, Product Manager for AVEVA goes over AVEVA Edge and identifies 7 use cases and solutions.

  • Using different PLCs and protocols.
  • Too many different HMI Products. Import and convert FactoryTalk View, PanelBuilder 32 (Rockwell Automation products) and PanelMate applications.
  • Understand performance, KPIs and downtime causes using database, historian and AVEVA Insight connections for analytics.
  • Tired of extra modules? Everything is included such as alarms, recipes, drivers, trends, MQTT, graphics, animation, database connectivity, OPC UA Client and Server. Tools to create 21 CFR Part 11 projects for food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other traceability required industries.
  • Mobile solutions for operations and maintenance staff.
  • Need visibility into dashboards, video walls, production monitoring and Andon displays? Use big screen TVs or multi-screen video walls as Thin Clients for keeping staff informed.
  • Reduce downtime and MTTR.