Customer FIRST Guide

The Customer FIRST Software Maintenance and Support Program is a flexible portfolio of services that help protect and extend the value of your AVEVA products and solutions across their entire lifecycle. A Customer FIRST Agreement establishes a formal service relationship with AVEVA, enabling access to the latest software upgrades and expert technical assistance, optional services and self-help tools to help you improve your operational effectiveness.

The AVEVA Customer FIRST Program offers you the flexibility to choose between Elite, Premium, Standard and Primary support levels based on project and commissioning milestones, the complexity and criticality of your operations, the maturity of your applications and the expertise of your project resources.

Extracting maximum competitive advantage requires constant maintenance, upgrade and tuning to meet emerging business and operational challenges. The award-winning AVEVA Customer FIRST program offers a wide array of support service programs to keep your company’s competitive edge sharp.

Customer FIRST Program

Whether you have modest needs for support, or demand the most comprehensive and responsive support available, the Customer FIRST Elite, Premium, Standard and Primary membership levels provide you with a broad range of services. You choose the program level that best suits your specific needs. No matter if you are planning a new installation, optimizing and fine-tuning a mature system, or evolving your system with the latest software upgrades to take advantage of rich new capabilities, one of our service levels will ensure you have what you need.

Some of these benefits are listed below for your quick reference:

Support Core 2

Program Features

Award-winning Technical Support

Get access to 24/7/365 technical support, with expert assistance throughout the software lifecycle

Software upgrades and enhancements

Get free version upgrades and the latest fixes, patches and Service Packs for your software

Support Utilities & Tools

Leverage Software Asset Manager to quickly and easily track and manage your AVEVA software licenses and apply security and performance software updates at multiple locations across your enterprise, or the Customer FIRST Benefits App for mobile devices gives you a quick overview of your support and services

Global Customer Support Website

Web-based access to an enormous AVEVA software knowledgebase and software downloads make the Global Customer Support (GCS) Website an invaluable resource for your team. With self-help materials and a powerful search engine, users can get the information and software they need quickly and efficiently

Optional Services and System Management

Enjoy access to a wide array of optional services and discounts, based on the needs of your business and your budget