DeviceLynk embraces Industrial IoT technology by creating informative dashboards that are cloud based and capable of collecting and visualizing data from any connected asset.

  • Better understand the business – what’s happening, what happened, and what is likely to happen with immediate access to relevant data
  • Empower people to become active participants in real-time work streams and enhance collaboration between teams
  • Expose hidden opportunities for reducing operational costs, increasing asset performance and driving better production results
  • Leave the IT burden of managing your historian to us, and ultimately save time, money and manpower
  • Take advantage of safe, secure and reliable connections, managed on Microsoft Azure’s proven cloud technology
Dashboard Overview

Delivering actionable intelligence to decision makers

DeviceLynk utilizes an Agent installed on local connectivity hardware to gather data from assets and other equipment using standard protocols. These Agents send data to the DeviceLynk application, hosted in the cloud, to create dashboards, charts and trends that provide actionable intelligence.

Equipping your business to manage the changing information landscape, driven by the industrial internet of things (IIoT), is a modern imperative. Yet having the people, time or CAPEX to leverage these advances is out of reach of many companies. DeviceLynk addresses these concerns by providing a cost-effective software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that is simple to set-up, manage, and use.

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District Energy

  • Eliminate on-site meter reading trips by staff
  • Gain remote operational and maintenance information
  • Enhance billing reports for customer awareness
  • Remove complex communication infrastructure requirements
  • Evaluate customer behavior usage and optimization opportunities

Water & Wastewater

  • Increase visibility to remote water assets and processes
  • Connect commercial sensor systems, such as Libelium
  • Monitor specific chemical levels
  • Implement remote field based data collection
  • Consistent reporting across region with improved accuracy and timeliness

Oil & Gas

  • Eliminate unnecessary travel by staff
  • Tracking the service life of pumps, motors, generators and other equipment
  • Aggregating drilling information in real-time across multiple sites and personnel
  • Meet Directive 055 AER Compliance
  • Streamline the decision making process


  • Eliminate unnecessary travel by staff
  • Monitor solar and wind based assets
  • Track battery and power trends
  • Ensure data access for mobile workers
  • Provide secondary monitoring for critical assets

Connecting your assets

Option CloudGate

Option CloudGate

The Option CloudGate hardware platform can be provisioned with the DeviceLynk Agent to provide an out-of-the-box connectivity solution, making implementation as easy as plugging it in.

OPC Servers

OPC Servers

Traditional industrial automation communications protocols are supported through the use of Wonderware, Kepware or Matrikon OPC Servers to provide connectivity for Modbus, Allen-Bradley, BACnet and more.

Libelium Sensors

Libelium Sensors

Libelium wireless sensor networks deliver reliable remote asset and data capture whether you are implementing an air quality, water quality, agriculture or a smart city project.

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