Communication Drivers


Configure, connect, collect — integration and connectivity

Expanding connectivity and increasing data value have become vitally important as companies strive to leverage real benefits from the IoT/IIoT, big data and cloud technologies. Yet connecting and integrating disparate devices to Supervisory HMI/SCADA and Historian databases remains a challenge for many organizations, particularly in the manufacturing domain.

AVEVA Communication Drivers provide a single, hardware-independent connectivity tool set that helps you enforce standards, simplifies configuration, promotes consistency, and maximizes communication uptime.

In addition to the standard driver selection provided with AVEVA software, we offer and recommend Software Toolbox and Kepware device integration software.

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Seamlessly connect and integrate

Enabling Connected Systems

Link virtually every plant information device and source, easily and cost-effectively, with open communication standards, hardware agnostic connectivity, and seamless configuration abilities.

Auto-Build Your Connectivity

Reduce PLC connectivity configuration efforts by almost 50 percent with the ability to automatically read and structure a PLC program based on current schema.

Free 32-tag Tiny Application Support

This enables you to integrate edge applications with 32 or fewer tags and to connect AVEVA Insight or System Platform without requiring an additional purchase.

Hardware and Vendor-Agnostic Connectivity

Built with an open plant philosophy, AVEVA Communication Drivers enable seamless configuration and integration. Connect using open communication connectivity protocols such as MQTT, OPC DA, and OPC UA.

Multi-Instance Support

Consolidate scattered architectures by running multiple, completely independent instances of the same driver in a single node.

Side-by-Side Upgrades

Run previous driver versions while adding a new driver version of the same driver protocol for growth without disruptions.

AVEVA Communication Drivers AutoBuild

AVEVA Communication Drivers Protocol List

General Protocols

  • OPC-UA Client
  • MQTT Subscriber/Publisher (IoT Connectivity)
  • Wonderware Suitelink
  • DDE/FastDDE


  • PLC5/20E through PLC5/80E PLCs
  • SLC5/05 PLC
  • Ethernet Interface 5820-EI module
  • Data Highway Plus (DH+)
  • Data Highway 485 (DH485)
  • ControlNet
  • DeviceNet
  • Ethernet
  • ControlLogix Controllers
  • GuardLogix Controllers
  • SoftLogix 5800 Controllers
  • CompactLogix Controllers
  • FlexLogix Controllers
  • MicroLogix Controllers
  • PLC-5 Controllers
  • SLC500 Controllers

Automation Direct

  • Productivity Series Controllers 2000 & 3000
  • Controllers Do-More H2 Series
  • DirectNet
  • DirectLOGIC DL05 and DL06 PLCs, with H0-ECOM or H0-ECOM100 Ethernet module
  • DirectLOGIC DL205 Family (DL240/DL250-1 and DL260 CPUs), with H2-ECOM or H2-ECOM100 Ethernet module


  • Controllers that support the BacNET protocol

Beckhoff - TWINCAT

The OI Server uses the ADS Library for communication and should support any TCP/IP Ethernet Beckhoff device compatible with the ADS Library version you install. The following devices were used in the conformance tests:

  • ADS Library: TC1000:TC3 Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC/IO on Windows XP/7/8 CX1000 and CX1020 with Windows Embedded Compact 5.0 and 6.0 PLC BC9000, BX9000 and CP66xx with Windows Embedded Compact 5.0 for ARMV4i processor.
  • The TC1000:TC3 Library should also be compatible with CX1010, CX1020, CX1030, CX2000, CX5000, CX5100, CX8000, and CX9000 and any other device hosting the TwinCAT runtime 2 and 3.

If you are unsure if your specific device is supported, please contact your Beckhoff support and confirm your device compatibility with the ADS Library.


  • Series 90-30
  • Series 90-70
  • Series 90 Micro
  • VersaMax
  • VersaMax Micro
  • PACSystems RX3i
  • PAC Systems RX7i

Mitsubishi - MELSEC



  • TSX Quantum
    • 140 CPU 21304 Controller
    • 140 NOE 77100 Ethernet TCP/IP
    • 140 NOE 21100 Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Compact 984 (RS232)
    • PC-A984-145
    • PC-E984-265
  • Generic Modbus
  • TSX Momentum
    • 170 ENT 11001 Ethernet TCP/IP
  • TSX Momentum (RS232)
    • 171 CCC 980 20 Ethernet TCP/IP
  • TSX Momentum (RS485)
    • 171 CCC 980 20 Ethernet TCP/IP
  • NR&D Bridge
    • Pen-T Ethernet-to-Serial Bridge
  • TSX Premium
    • TSX P57 402 Controller
    • TSX P57 4823 Controller
    • TSX ETY 110 EtherNet TCP/IP
  • Modicon Micro (RS232)
    • 110 CPU 311 01
  • Modbus Bridge
    • 174CEV30010
    • 174CEV30020


Supports the Omron PLCs on a FINS network:

  • CJ1 Series
  • CJ2 Series
  • CS1 Series
  • CP1 Series
  • CV Series
  • CVM1 and CVM1D Series

Opto22 - OPTOMMP

  • SNAP PAC Controllers


  • TCP/IP with RFC1006
  • MPI
  • H1 Industrial Ethernet
  • Siemens S7-200/300/400/1200/1500


  • SNMP v1
  • SNMP v2c
  • Functionality for GET and SET operations – Receive Traps

Texas Instruments - TI500

  • Control Technology Inc. – CTI2500
  • Controllers – TI545 / 565 / 575


  • Codesys based protocols based on CODESYS version 2.x, 3.x