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using AVEVA’s Performance Intelligence System

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The good news is that by implementing AVEVA’s Performance Intelligence System (the AVEVA PI System), you can greatly increase your pace and effectiveness with a much broader, enterprise-wide digitalization process – creating YOUR Data Digital Twin.

AVEVA’s Performance Intelligence System enables the digitalization of all engineering and operations data throughout your enterprise. When combined with human insight, organizational performance is enhanced by realizing cross-functional efficiencies, enhanced worker environments, and greater functional resilience, which in turn, drives corporate sustainability initiatives – the real value of a Data Digital Twin.

AVEVA Performance Intelligence System

Start the process of developing your Data Digital Twin


Disconnected information in multiple formats and multiple systems leading to system inconsistencies, manual workflows, cross-functional confusion, etc.

disconnected info


Connected, organized and contextualized asset data can now be accessed wherever, whenever required as input for decision making throughout the organization.


Digital Twin is one of the cornerstones of Performance Intelligence; enabling more accurate cross-functional decision making and establishment of best practices.


Connecting, Organizing & Contextualizing Your Asset Data

Organizing & Contextualizing Asset Information in a data Digital Twin

Your assets are associated with many different forms of data. By connecting all that data related to a given asset, you can create your asset’s Data Digital Twin.

With your Data Digital Twin, you can organize and contextualize asset information to create a single source of truth for cross-functional operations.

Data Digital Twin Advantages:

  • Project Execution
  • Single source of information for engineering and design.
  • Progressive Handover
  • Trusted information for operations readiness and maximizing effectiveness on startup.
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Engineering information tied to operational and maintenance systems.
  • Connected Worker
  • Access to your data anywhere, anytime based on a single common view.

Connecting, Organizing & Contextualizing Your Operations Data

Just like with your assets, you’ll now create your operations Data Digital Twin.

Your Data Digital Twin organizes and contextualizes your operational data, creating a single source of the truth from shop floor to top floor.

  • Plant/field teams can monitor individual processes and related assets at the edge in real time to optimize production
  • Control room/supervisory teams can look into the immediate past to see how entire processes and facilities are performing while identifying trends.
  • Enterprise teams can track KPIs across multiple sites to identify areas of improvement in order to operate strategically.
Organizing & Contextualizing Operations Information in a data Digital Twin

merging Your Manufacturing Execution Data

“model-driven” Manufacturing Execution Component of the data Digital Twin

incorporating and utilizing Advanced Analytics

See The Big Picture

Give your operators, engineers, & management insight into current operating conditions. Build real-time dashboards & displays to monitor equipment status, site-level process flows, or enterprise-wide productions KPIs.

  • Configure custom displays that represent your process.
  • Display data from any source (or site) in one view.
  • Access dashboards remotely, from any mobile device.
  • Design displays using 5000+ pre-built graphic objects.
  • Import existing graphics from PI, IP.21, & more.

integrating SaaS/Cloud remote data visualization

AVEVA Insight

AVEVA Insight provides information when and where you need it, so you and your teams, can better manage your assets and improve performance.

        • Infused Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning
        • Unlock critical data
        • Increase collaboration
        • Improve asset reliability
        • Optimize operational performance

Unified Operations Center – YOUR “Enterprise” Data Digital Twin

Unified Operations Center

AVEVA Unified Operations Center w/ OMI is the culmination of your enterprise Data Digital Twin. UOC delivers actionable information, through a single-pane-of-glass, from Operations (OT), Information (IT), and Engineering (ET) to your teams and users tasked with enterprise-wide responsibilities.

The combination of AVEVA’s Performance Intelligence System and UOC w/OMI creates an environment that delivers enterprise-wide awareness (information sharing) for critical decision making – the true value of your Data Digital Twin.


By implementing AVEVA’s Performance Intelligence System and Unified Operations Center w/ OMI, you can easily create Your Data Digital Twin supporting enterprise IT, OT, IIoT and Engineering use cases, and more…

…using the World’s Most Comprehensive Digital Transformation Portfolio.

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