System Integrator Program

The Wonderware System Integrator Program is a multi-tier partner system that recognizes participants by their level of experience and certifications with Wonderware brands, market focus, and industry-related expertise. SIs that are certified by the program have experience with a wide range of technologies — from instrumentation to valves, to drives and robots, from single-loop control to distributed and supervisory control, from manufacturing execution systems to supply-chain planning and enterprise management systems. Maintaining collaborative business relationships with ecosystem partners worldwide allows us to provide exceptional vertical industry focus, while ensuring the business results that our customers need.

The program provides training and certification opportunities for our SI partners and encourages end-users to require that their preferred partners gain the highest levels of expertise and certification. In addition, the program gives SI partner organizations a concrete methodology to nurture the skills and expertise of their employees, providing a competitive edge in delivering successful projects and retaining high-quality employees.

Program Levels

There are various levels of Wonderware System Integrator Certifications. Only System Integrators with proven technical excellence, customer service and integrity participate in our Endorsed and Certified SI programs. We maintain strong relationships with this community to ensure that they are knowledgeable about upcoming product releases, support updates and other information critical to the successful delivery of customer projects.

Endorsed System Integrator

The Endorsed SI Partner level is designed for those partners who have demonstrated the greatest commitment to building a strong Wonderware software practice within their business. Endorsed SI Partners are among the best-in-class in providing our mutual customers with comprehensive software solutions that increase customer efficiency, reduce costs and maximize customer profits. The Endorsed SI level is by invitation only, earned by a strong multi-year relationship with Wonderware.

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System Integrator Endorsed


  • Participation in Endorsed Partner only events & activities.
  • Achieve unprecedented productivity and increased profits through incredible time savings offered by powerful tools that leverage ArchestrA and Microsoft .NET technology.
  • Your company will be featured in the Wonderware Endorsed SI directory.
  • Earn a credential that acknowledges you as an Endorsed SI with skills working with specific Wonderware products.
  • Receive an Endorsed SI logo from Wonderware, which you can post on your company website and use in your promotional materials.
  • Your own web page and blog on the Wonderware Developer Network.


  • By invitation only – obtain sponsorship from Wonderware PacWest.
  • Maintain requirements of Certified SI Partner.
  • Successful completion of a Wonderware business and technology assessment.

Certified System Integrator

For those companies who want to fully-leverage the benefits of the Wonderware System Integrator Partner Program, the program certifies SIs who have proven project delivery expertise. The Certified tier is for system integrators who would like to develop a strong ongoing relationship with Wonderware.

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System Integrator Certified


  • Your company will be listed in the Wonderware Certified SI Directory on, as well as in the printed version of the Wonderware SI Directory. Only Wonderware Certified SIs are published in this directory, which Wonderware customers can use to select your system integration company for new projects.
  • Earn a credential that acknowledges you as a Wonderware Certified SI with skills in specific Wonderware products.
  • Receive invitations to Wonderware-sponsored events, during which you will receive access to the latest Wonderware product roadmaps and meet representatives from Wonderware product marketing and senior management.
  • Participate in beta toolkit training sessions, during which you will learn about new Wonderware products and solutions before they are released to the public. In some cases, you can increase your revenue by developing products from these toolkits, which Wonderware would promote as part of the Wonderware ISV Program.
  • Use a Wonderware Certified SI logo on your company website and in your promotional materials.


  • Maintain requirements of Registered SI Partner.
  • Maintain requirements of Certified SI Partner.
  • Your company must submit proof of two successful installations, both of which must feature the products you are attempting to become certified for.
  • Your company must maintain at least two Wonderware Certified Developers on staff, both of whom must be certified on the products you are certified for. SI employees become Wonderware Certified Developers by passing our product certification exams.
  • You must promote Wonderware as your preferred software provider and represent Wonderware products in a professional manner.
  • To remain certified, you must successfully implement at least one application annually, using one or more of the products in which you are certified. You must submit a summary of each project as proof of your installations to your Wonderware Account Manager.

Registered System Integrator

The entry level to the program, the Registered SI tier, fits organizations that simply need to have access to a development system and the basic resources to deliver a successful project. Participation is begun by contacting a sales representative for sponsorship to the program.

Become a Registered SI
System Integrator Registered


  • Earn a credential that acknowledges your skills with Wonderware products.
  • Receive Wonderware consignment software at a reduced rate for development.
  • Access the Wonderware SI Resource Center, a secure website that offers valuable product information, presentations and SI program updates.
  • Use the Wonderware Registered SI logo on your company website and promotional materials.


  • Wonderware PacWest must sponsor your application.
  • Your company must purchase and maintain an annual Wonderware Customer Support subscription and System Integrator Consignment from Wonderware PacWest.
  • Your company must send at least one employee to a training class from Wonderware PacWest during the year.