What’s New in AVEVA™ System Platform 2020 R2

We are pleased to announce the release of AVEVA System Platform 2020 R2 with AVEVA Operations Management Interface 2020 R2. The 2020 R2 release collection ushers in new industrial operations experience harnessing the power of the cloud, web, and apps enabling unified operations and connected workers! For AVEVA System Platform 2020 R2, enhancements and new capability bring greater focus to content delivery and visual style to aid operator situational awareness and create powerful context-driven applications.

A Look at What’s New in AVEVA System Platform 2020 R2

Layouts Can Be Linked as Asset Content
Link a layout residing in the Graphic Toolbox to an asset or template and have it participate in auto-fill activities when the associated asset comes into focus.

Layouts Support Owning Object
A layout’s owning object can be set and it will auto-fill based on the owning object’s content.

Leverage Multiple Galaxy Style Libraries
Create and manage multiple Galaxy Style Libraries and switch between them at runtime.

Role-based Navigation Model
Let the navigation model adapt to reshape based on the logged-on user’s assigned roles.

Dynamic External Content
External content objects now support expressions enabling the dynamic determination of content at runtime.

Layout Background
Specify a background image and/or color that will span an entire Layout.

Alias Name as Read-only Attribute
The alias name used for navigation is now a full attribute that can be referenced in runtime.

New Graphic Repeater OMI App
Enables the visual representation of data using Industrial Graphics. A selected Industrial graphic is repeated multiple times with custom data injected into each instance. The graphics can also be sorted into lists or grids.

Map OMI App Enhancements
Now supports boundary configuration, as well as Baidu as a map provider.

PLC Viewer OMI App Enhancements
Additional PLC languages and viewing options have been added, plus support for Schneider Electric’s Unity Pro and EcoStruxure Control Expert.

Web Widgets
Import Web widgets and place them on panes and allow interaction with properties.

Subscription-based Platform Communications
Platform subscriptions are dynamically built as required to minimize inter-platform communication.

Flex License Mode Configuration
Flex license mode configuration has been enhanced.

Licensing Improvements
Galaxy repository keeps retrying license acquisition after failing to obtain a license or losing an acquired license.

Industrial Graphic Cloud Storage
Share and collaborate on Industrial Graphics between projects and developers using Integration Studio cloud storage.

Simple Unit Conversion within Historian Client
Choose engineering units to automatically convert between, with 600 predefined catalog units and the ability of defining custom units.

Enhanced Historian Client Excel Add-in (64-bit)

  • Batch-oriented summary statistics: Build reports with the capabilities of slicing by using an event ID, batch number, or conditional states to get summary statistics
  • Dynamically refresh custom functions
  • Improved Task Pane: added function signatures for better reporting

Browser-based Historical Alarm Grid
New alarm grid in AVEVA Historian Client Web that can be filtered based on the model view or the AVEVA InTouch HMI alarm groups.

Data Replication Across Satellite Connections
Support for data replication between historians across high-latency networks (multi-second ping times across network).

New Communications Driver Installation Option
Drivers are now directly installable as optional selections from the installation media.

AVEVA System Platform provides a collaborative, standards-based foundation that unifies people, processes, and assets across all facilities for continuous operational improvement and real-time decision support. Explore our additional resources available for System Platform to learn more.