What’s new in AVEVA™ Reports for Operations 2023 R2 – the leader in industrial reporting software

Written by Omer Qadri, Product Marketing Manager, AVEVA

Improvements to AVEVA Reports in this new release finalize the complete integration support for AVEVA™ PI System™ as well as support for the industry standard ISA S88 for batch processing control. With this support, you’ll be able to draw on a greater range of data and data sources for your reports and dashboards.


New driver: AVEVA PI Event Frames

This new driver rounds out the full support of AVEVA PI System data connectors. It adds to the already-extensive list of support, which includes:

  • Asset Framework (SDK v2018 SP3)
  • Asset Framework historical values
  • Asset Framework real-time values
  • “Classic” historical values
  • Web API historical values

Batch management support of nested batches (ISA S88 compliant)

With this new support, you can configure and report on multiple levels of nested batches.

Driver type: Batch

Collect batch-specific data with this batch driver type that you can connect to data sources.

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