What’s new in AVEVA™ InTouch HMI 2023 R2, an industry-leading HMI system

Written by Omer Qadri, Product Marketing Manager, AVEVA

AVEVA InTouch HMI includes new capabilities that make developers more efficient and consistent. You can now import and use scalable vector graphics (SVGs), created with external, off-the-shelf tools, as standard AVEVA industrial graphics. Create thousands of tags in seconds in an efficient, error-proof way, while connecting OPC UA data sources. User-defined types (UDTs) let you take a templated, object-oriented approach that boosts engineering efficiency.

UDT structure support

Support for UDTs allows users to create their own structures to match field equipment.

SVG import to industrial graphics

Import and convert SVG to industrial graphic objects. New objects will keep their identity and grouping. Objects behave as regular industrial graphics and can have animations.

Create AVEVA InTouch HMI tags from OPC UA Server

Simplify the tag and application development workflow from OPC UA data sources. Select item(s) to drag and drop to new the Tag Hierarchy pane, while mirroring OPC UA folder structure.

Improvement to the graphic editor

Drag and drop tags from the Tag Hierarchy pane or move UDTs onto Canvas to show the graphic elements and applicable animation.

Alarm latching and dismissal

Optional LATCH alarm state: Acknowledged alarms require dismissal to disappear from the screen.

Credentials manager

This utility allows you to store user credentials securely. Use it to authenticate access to components such as graphics, scripts, and controls during runtime. You can choose to give users access to specific standalone and managed AVEVA InTouch HMI applications.

AVEVA InTouch HMI demo license

You can now use 64 tags (increased from 32) while using AVEVA InTouch HMI in demo mode, with no license required.

AVEVA™ Connect sign-on support

Manage AVEVA InTouch HMI users through AVEVA Connect, when using AVEVA InTouch HMI through an AVEVA™ Operations Control subscription.

Take advantage of the improvements to AVEVA Touch HMI 2023 R2. AVEVA strongly recommends using the most current version of the software for access to the latest security updates and patches.

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