What’s new in AVEVA™ Edge HMI 2023 R2

Written by Jeremy Wilbert, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, AVEVA

The world’s most portable small-footprint HMI just got better. It still gives you everything you need to develop anything from embedded machines and panel PCs to advanced HMI applications. But new improvements give you more connectivity for small-footprint Linux-based runtime—and support for Python scripting language. So, now you can deploy smarter IIoT devices by using AI and machine learning algorithms at the edge.

Everyone from OEMs building machines to industrial users deploying IIoT devices can deploy AVEVA Edge HMI on Linux (with 16 Linux communication drivers), Windows Embedded or Microsoft Windows operating systems.


Here are the new features available with AVEVA Edge HMI 2023 R2

Python scripting

Supports this popular, platform-agnostic scripting language for IoT view (Linux runtime), SCADA (Windows runtime) and IDE (editor).

Standard driver sheets (IoT view)

Ported support for standard driver sheets (in addition to main driver sheets) for IoT view gives you more flexibility and control.

Tag integration (IoT view)

Ported support for tag Integration to IoT view for drivers and OPC.

Mobile access performance (IoT view)

Improved open-screen performance on small-footprint devices.

Support industrial graphic libraries

Keep compatibility and coexistence with AVEVA™ System Platform 2023 R2.

MQTT support structures

Support hierarchical structure for MQTT Sparkplug devices.

COSYS driver

Driver encryption and certificate management.

History lifetime days

Ported, automatic trend log housekeeping—so you don’t fill up your hard drive or database.

Grid object pagination optimization

Improved grid object performance with new pagination support.

We’re excited for you to take advantage of these improvements to AVEVA Edge HMI 2023 R2. AVEVA strongly recommends using the most current version of the software for access to the latest security updates and patches.

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