versiondog 8.1.5 Available Now

We are pleased to announce that versiondog 8.1.5 is available today. versiondog offers the highest possible security, but only if you are using the latest version.

versiondog 8.1.5 Release Notes

  • Optimized versiondog design: improved contrast
  • Optimized versiondog design: improved contrast
  • Show the size of the and the uncompressed size in UserClient
  • Error resolved: for certain OS server crash
  • Update OpenSSL 1.1.1g to 1.1.1h
  • Improvements with regards to stability and security
  • Phoenix Contact Managed switches: Integration of 2000 series switches
  • Siemens TIA Portal: Checksum comparison – optimized processing of excluded controls
  • Siemens TIA Portal: Siemens TIA Portal: improved detection of changes to Safety Timer
  • SEW-EURODRIVE MOVITOOLS® MotionStudio: Jobs – timeouts adjusted
  • Schneider EcoStruxture Control Expert: Support for V14.1 (Unity Pro)
  • AUVESY Image Service: Security and stability improvements
  • ExportModule: Expanded to contain report about usage information
  • LibraryManagement: Siemens TIA Portal expanded
versiondog 8.1.5

How to Download versiondog 8.1.5

  1. Go to the customer area on
  2. Log in using your username and password. If you do not have this information, please contact your internal versiondog administrator.
  3. Right click on the download link and select “Save target as…”