versiondog 6.5.2 Release

Release notes for versiondog 6.5.2:

    • RSLogix issues solved
    • GE Proficy Machine Edition issues solved
    • TIA Portal improved
      • Checksum comparison no longer needs to be started as an application in TIA Portal
      • Version recognition 15 and 15.1 and opening projects now uses the correct editor
      • Unknown error 21103 in TIA Portal resolved. Umlauts (ö,ü,ä) in project names
      • Optimized error messages when no device has been selected for Station Upload
      • Field device for Station Upload available
    • Undesired behavior occurring during Check-In and Check-Out while using a remote archive if the following take place at the same time: renaming of components with different capital and lower cases, and repeated disruptions to the network connection
    • Possible buffer overflow through interaction with network scanners
    • Support for Factory TalkView 10
    • Optimized handling for Factory TalkView SE
    • Optimized ASCII comparison: differences in *.py differences are found
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