The power of community: How real-time data-sharing will transform power operations

Written by Daniel Gaeta, Product Marketing Manager, AVEVA Data Hub

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial operations, the power sector stands at the forefront of innovation. As the industry continues to push for greater efficiency, sustainability, and digital transformation, one challenge still remains: Sharing real-time operations data across a diverse group of stakeholders—especially those operating outside the organization. Now, thanks to AVEVA™ Data Hub, real-time data-sharing is finally possible. By allowing power companies to simply and securely create industrial data communities, AVEVA Data Hub is reshaping the way data is shared, managed, and harnessed in the power industry.

What is AVEVA Data Hub?

AVEVA Data Hub is a cloud-native SaaS solution that serves as the foundation of a connected data ecosystem. This bidirectional data-sharing solution brings together business partners, service providers, analytics providers, and customers, fostering real-time collaboration and enabling key stakeholders to weigh in directly from the interface. Not only does AVEVA Data Hub eradicate reliance on slow, manual data-sharing methods, it replaces them with a purpose-built, secure avenue that is capable of handling the complexities of industrial data.


Users can visualize shared data directly within AVEVA Data Hub using the trending feature, transfer it into Power BI through the native AVEVA Data Hub Power BI connector, or share it via REST APIs with custom applications, artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) platforms, or third-party analytics tools like Grafana.

The benefits of AVEVA Data Hub are limitless. For example, equipment manufacturers can now closely monitor product performance, enabling them to proactively identify potential failures and use predictive maintenance to drastically reduce equipment downtime. Analytics companies can gain streamlined access to aggregated data, leading to faster model development, accelerated time-to-value, and much more.

How can data sharing with AVEVA Data Hub benefit the power industry?

AVEVA Data Hub is designed to enable power organizations to seamlessly bridge data silos and collaborate more effectively with their broader ecosystem by sharing complex industrial data simply and securely in real-time and at scale. Power companies can easily connect with trusted business partners in a common data environment and maintain granular control over the data they share with each business partner, no matter where the operations data is stored.

Data owners create and oversee a secure, multitenant data repository where authorized participants can access data streams and contribute their own insights. In addition, data can be consumed by non-expert users, ML algorithms, and business intelligence tools, eliminating the complexities of data wrangling and extracting maximum value from operations data without complex development or integration.

The synergy among power companies and their business partners within a connected ecosystem is fostering more efficient operations, reducing equipment downtime, optimizing for profitability, and increasing customer satisfaction with better reporting and increased transparency.

Are you ready to create a connected data community?

Creating a secure, connected data community is closer than you think—and it can give you the insights you need to transform your power operation. AVEVA Data Hub is available to customers through AVEVA™ Connect, our industrial cloud platform. AVEVA Connect offers rapid deployment, easy access, and management across global enterprises.