The industrial data ecosystem: AVEVA™ Data Hub enables data-sharing communities in oil and gas

Written by Daniel Gaeta, Product Marketing Manager, AVEVA Data Hub

Industrial data ops solutions

In the dynamic world of industrial operations, harnessing the potential of real-time data has become paramount for achieving crucial business objectives. From driving operational efficiency to enhancing sustainability and realizing digital transformation, the value of data is indisputable. However, the challenge has always been finding a secure, seamless, and efficient means of allowing various stakeholders, including those outside your organization, to access and collaborate on relevant data.

Enter the connected communities feature within AVEVA™ Data Hub, a transformational solution poised to redefine the industrial data-sharing landscape. At its core, connected communities empowers data owners to craft and manage secure multi-tenant data repositories, allowing authorized participants to access data streams and contribute their own data. This breakthrough innovation effectively bridges the gap between industrial companies and their trusted partners, establishing a common data environment where control over shared data is granular and comprehensive—no matter where the data is stored.


The industrial data ecosystem: Real-time connections for real-time collaboration

The impact of this breakthrough is monumental. Shared data can now be visualized seamlessly within AVEVA Data Hub through intuitive trending. Alternatively, it can also be easily connected into Power BI, leveraging the native AVEVA Data Hub Power BI connector. Furthermore, the possibilities extend to REST APIs, enabling data sharing with custom applications, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platforms, or third-party analytical tools like Grafana.

AVEVA Data Hub fosters real-time collaboration through bi-directional data sharing within an ecosystem comprised of business partners, service providers, analytics experts, and customers, providing oil and gas companies with trusted data-driven insights that result in greater efficiencies and sustainable growth.

Connected communities: New possibilities for oil and gas

In the oil and gas sector, connected communities holds immense promise. For suppliers, real-time visibility into stock levels enables accurate shipment planning through automated fulfillment. Equipment manufacturers can now monitor product performance in real time, promptly identifying potential issues and mitigating equipment downtime through predictive maintenance. Analytics companies, on the other hand, gain access to the aggregated data crucial for running their models efficiently, hastening the time-to-value journey.

AVEVA customers are rapidly redefining efficiency benchmarks, minimizing equipment downtime, maximizing profitability, and even exploring novel business models by broadening their ecosystems through connected communities.

Smart data-sharing: Visibility, control, and security

Underpinning this transformation is AVEVA Data Hub. Tailored to manage the intricacies of critical industrial data, it aptly handles the high volume, velocity, and variability of data streams that follow a sequence, such as time-series data or other sequentially indexed information like drilling depth.

Within AVEVA Data Hub, connected communities offers unparalleled visibility and control. Data owners wield the power to manage and monitor the data shared with each business partner, thereby alleviating security and compliance concerns. Users can shape shared data streams into consumable data views for non-expert data users, ML algorithms, and business intelligence tools, eliminating the need for arduous data wrangling and helping companies get the most value from their operations data.

Without need for IT development or intricate integrations, companies can seamlessly deploy AVEVA Data Hub and commence data analysis and processing within hours, expediting the journey from data to actionable insights. No installations, no maintenance—just a fast track to transformative data utilization.

Connected communities is truly revolutionary, heralding a new dawn of data sharing for the oil and gas industry. With the power to seamlessly connect stakeholders, streamline collaboration, and expedite insights, it stands as a beacon of innovation, resilience, and prosperity in a landscape defined by data-driven opportunities.