System Platform 2017 Update 3 is Now Available!

System Platform 2017 Update 3 includes a number of security enhancements and new features for the component products of System Platform.

  • Wonderware InTouch HMI 2017 Update 3 (v17.3)
  • Wonderware System Platform [Application Server] 2017 Update 3 (v17.3)
  • Wonderware Historian Server 2017 Update 3 (v17.3)
  • Wonderware Historian Client 2017 Update 3 (v17.3)

System Platform OMI Enhancements

  • Introducing the AVEVA Digital Exchange.
  • Security Enhancements.
  • Auto-LogOn and LogOff.
  • Read-Only Option for ViewApps.
  • Correct Symbol Options Shown During Configuration when an Object Wizard is Linked to a Symbol Wizard.
  • Ability to Set Owning Object in Multi-Galaxy Environments with the Graphic Editor.
  • Support for Touch Gestures in InTouch OMI Apps.
  • Utilize InTouch Access Anywhere to Execute InTouch OMI ViewApps.
  • Embedded Search in the Navigation Tree.
  • AlarmApp Allows Live and Historical Content to be Filtered by Area.
  • AlarmApp Gives Users Access to Properties in the Alarm Grid.
  • AlarmApp Automatically Sets the Current Area or Asset at Run Time.
  • Programmatic Alarm Acknowledgement.
  • Historian Client App Can Load Pens.
  • Hyperlink Animation and Hyperlink Script Function.
  • Halo Animation to Show Current Focus in ViewApps.
  • Configurable Center Point for ViewApp Zoom.
  • Link to External Content.
  • Support for Advanced Numeric Formatting.

InTouch Enhancements

  • Enhanced Security of Alarm DB Utilities and Controls
  • InTouch Web Client Enhancements
  • Trend Pen Supports Historical Data
  • Hyperlink Animation for ArchestrA Graphics
  • FillColor Support for Area under the Trend Pen Curve
  • Touch Support for Native Push Button Animation
  • InSight Publisher is now available as part of InTouch WindowMaker and Application Manager
  • Modeless Cross Reference dialog box
  • Enhanced Security of SuiteLink Connection

Historian Enhancements

  • The SliceBy parameter allows you to retrieve data based on another tag time slices.
  • In Historian Insight, dashboards are configurable. You can customize the size and position of cards in the dashboard.
  • Performance improvements.
  • License release improvements.