Making risk-based maintenance quick and easy

Written by Petra Nieuwenhuizen, Product Marketing Manager, Asset Performance Management – AVEVA

The new release of AVEVA™ Asset Strategy Optimization cuts reliability-centered maintenance study times in half and reduces deployment time up to 90%.

Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) involves obtaining a thorough overview of the state of each of your assets, and then comparing their current state to their optimal state. Then, a reliability engineer can rank the priority of each asset for preventative maintenance. In theory, it’s a great method for doing risk-based maintenance (RBM)—but in practice, it often seems lengthy and complicated. And, to be fair, seasoned reliability engineers are in high demand throughout the plant, and running a RCM study can take a lot of their valuable time.

Asset Strategy Optimization

The new release of AVEVA™ Asset Strategy Optimization lets experts and non-experts collaborate on an RCM study so that it becomes both quick and easy. With this new release, reliability engineers don’t have to spend time going around collecting and verifying information from engineers in the field. They don’t even have to manually enter data at all. Instead, multiple maintenance engineers or other asset experts can simply enter their own data directly into the new web-based user interface. Then the reliability engineer and other teams can access it as needed wherever they happen to be. Teams using this new method have cut the time it takes for an RCM study in half.

The new user interface also guides you through RCM studies step by step. This intuitive interface makes RCM so simple and straightforward that even non-experts can participate easily.

In addition to speeding up RCM study times, AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization also reduces deployment time up to 90%. That’s because it can use its Asset Strategy Library to help resolve data integrity issues. The Asset Strategy Library has over 20 years of equipment reliability data, validation from over 500 projects, and over 22,000 hours of experience. It has RCM-based equipment failure data and preventative maintenance (PM) templates for common asset types and industry specific asset types.

So, now reliability engineers can spend their time engineering—not corralling and double-checking other engineers. AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization is speeding up and simplifying RCM from study to deployment. It brings together people and data so you can accomplish more with what you already have.

For more information on how AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization can help maintain your assets, read our whitepaper, How to digitalize asset performance management strategy.