Intelligence 2017 Update 1 Now Available!

With the release of Intelligence 2017 Update 1 (v3.1), the following list of new features and enhancements are introduced.

  • Migration support: Possible to migrate from Intelligence 2014 R2, Intelligence 2014 R2 P01, Intelligence 2014 R3 and Intelligence 2017 to Intelligence 2017 U1.
  • Dashboard Concurrent Licensing: Any user except server administrator should be able to acquire a ‘concurrent’ license, irrelevant of the assigned Role.
  • Browser support: You can now access Intelligence using the Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. To access Intelligence Model Builder using the Firefox browser, you have to make some changes in the browser settings. For more information, refer to the Intelligence Install Guide or the Intelligence Install Online Help.
  • Data Adapters: Intelligence now supports the following additional data adapters:
  • New Insight data adapter to connect to AVEVA Insight.
  • OSI PI Oledb data adapter to connect to OSI PI Historian.
  • eDNA data adapter to connect to AVEVA Enterprise Historian (eDNA).
  • Oracle data adapter to connect to Oracle data source.
  • Intelligence Model Deployment mode (Deployment version) in Model Builder. User cannot create any objects in the Deployment version. In the Deployment version mode, user can modify connection details and data adapter details (in data source)
  • License enforcement: License is enforced for the Model Builder and Data Source count. If a Model Builder feature license is not acquired, the model builder will start in Deployment version mode. When the data source count license limit is reached, the system will prevent deployment of additional data sources.
  • Licensing – In the unlikely event of the runtime licensing detecting a violation of deployed data source versus the licensed count, the system will pause the data load until data sources have been undeployed or the license updated.NOTE: SMC Logger will contain messages indicating if the runtime is in the paused state in case of any license violation detection.
  • Import / Export:
    • Option to import model from prior versions of intelligence (2014R2, 2014R2P01, and 2014R3).
    • Option to set Auto backfill start date while importing model.

Limitations for this release:

  • Advanced Calculations on measure is not available.
  • Supports only the Chrome and Firefox browser.
  • No enforcement of multi-user editing (no check-out / check-in or locking of objects for editing), only a single user should be editing the model at a time.
  • The old look and feel of the Intelligence Model Builder appears when you open the Intelligence Model Builder after an upgrade from an existing version. To view the latest Intelligence Model Builder, you must clear your Browser cache.