Mobile Operator Rounds (Intelatrac) 2017 SP1

Mobile Operator Rounds (Wonderware IntelaTrac) is the industry-leading Mobile Workforce and Decision Support System. Mobile Operator Rounds/IntelaTrac® accelerates and sustains operational process improvements and is key component of an effective Operations Management System. Typical hard dollar payback on Mobile Operator Rounds projects is within three to six months. Typical benefits of deploying Mobile Operator Rounds include:

  • Better operational performance through improved reliability
  • Auditable and cost-effective Health-Safety-Environmental compliance
  • Consistent execution of best practices by the mobile workforce
  • Mobile learning on-the-job

What’s new in IntelaTrac Mobile Operator Rounds 2017 SP1:

  • Full Featured Mobile IntelaTrac for iOS
  • Enhanced RFID San Device Selection
  • Android and Windows 10 (UWP)
  • Configurable format
  • Similar functionality to RFID and barcode
  • Push IntelaTrac data to the cloud
  • Advanced Cloud Data Visualization
  • Support for Android 7 and 8
  • Update calculation tag references button
  • End procedure from Navigation View
  • QR Code Mobile IntelaTrac Configuration
  • German and Japanese Translations