In Times of Change, Performance Intelligence Empowers Your Teams

Written By Peter Herweck, CEO, AVEVA

The past year saw an unprecedented evolution of digital industries. Five years of innovation were crammed into twelve months. Stressed supply chains flexed, complex assets switched to run on remote, resilient models. Yet amid the challenges, demand has grown, new models became established and sustainability came to the fore.

Digital transformation was the key driver of this evolution. From Schneider Electric’s sustainable smart factory vision, based on IIOT-enabled manufacturing, to power leader ENEL who advanced its autonomous operations in 2020, and pharmaceutical leader GlaxoSmithKline who embraced digital tools to automate vaccine production, digitally-led industries have found new ways to accelerate growth. Harnessing the power of information, artificial intelligence and human insight, these organizations made agile transitions so they could continue to deliver for their customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Pivoting for growth in a changing market

Companies who succeeded last year were those who had learned that driving effective operational resiliency demands access to high quality operational data management, combined with the best analytical insight. By leveraging the power of Cloud, they connected their information and their teams across time-zones, disciplines and data-sets. This gave them the complete perspective across the value chain that enabled them to seize the advantage. For example, Thailand’s SCG Chemical in partnership with AVEVA, developed an innovative asset performance management solution that enabled their team to visualize all operating and engineering information in 3D. Not only did this enable their teams to optimize the entire value chain, it represented a new operating model that we are now sharing with the wider chemicals sector.

At energy services company Schlumberger , teams are collaborating through a unique sensor-to-cloud operations data platform with infused, scalable artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, they can boost resiliency, reliability, efficiency, and safety in upstream energy operations to deliver growth.

Data-led resilience for evolving industries

At AVEVA, our independence, combined with our unique blend of operational data management and leading industrial software means we enable our customers to identify and accelerate opportunities for growth more rapidly than ever.

Our process simulations enable manufacturers to quickly determine which resources are available across diverse supply chains, and pinpoint the steps needed to accelerate delivery. Recalibrating such complex requirements at speed is impossible to perform manually – it demands the scale and scope of effective operational data infused with artificial intelligence – we call this Performance Intelligence.

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain software is a great example of Performance Intelligence in action. It enables manufacturing teams to schedule production runs and to calculate how much can be produced given available assets, in the fastest and most efficient way. This means factories can manufacture more, with greater certainty, in a shorter time. A great example here is the world’s leading biofuels producer Neste, who uses this software to drive collaboration and optimize sustainable production.

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