Cloud: Work smarter, not harder

Written by Fiona Straton, Senior Marketing Lead, AVEVA

According to a recent survey in Harvard Business Review, 92% of executives say that now is the time to capitalize on digital acceleration.[1] A fluctuating market, evolving supply chains, and a shifting workforce demand new insights to power profitable performance. Digital transformation and cloud technologies offer the flexibility to innovate and transform these challenges into opportunities.

Until just recently, however, transitioning to the cloud has often seemed an overwhelming task. At AVEVA, we’ve been thinking about how to ease this transition to make it easier to take part in the cloud’s promises of increased collaboration and productivity. Some of our approaches include:

Maximizing your existing investment through scaled adoption

With the convergence of IT and OT, successful transformation requires a secure industrial cloud platform that works in harmony with your broader digital landscape. You need the services that provide the deep domain expertise to keep your business running. The key is not to rip and replace your current infrastructure, but rather to maximize your existing on-premise investments and extend to the cloud based on your business priorities.

When deployed correctly in the industrial landscape, cloud enables visibility and agility for your engineering and operations teams and the ability to unlock and enrich data with artificial intelligence (AI) for better, faster decisions.

Getting started faster with an AVEVA™ Flex subscription model

With AVEVA™ Connect, we deploy industrial Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in a cloud platform environment. These SaaS solutions are proven digital tools that are designed to address unique challenges across engineering, operations, and maintenance.

With this managed subscription, there is no ongoing maintenance and a lower IT burden than with the rip and replace model. Additionally, you’ll get up and running much faster.

Scale the cloud with rapid deployment

At AVEVA we’ve developed templates that enable the implementation of cloud solutions in a predictable and repeatable manner, so you can fast-track your digital transformation projects with confidence, knowing the outcome will be the same each and every time.

Likewise, our templated solutions make it easy to scale up. They offer a standardized rollout using digital delivery for remote and contactless deployment.

It shouldn’t take months or years to gain access to the cloud and all of its possibilities for remote collaboration. Discover how AVEVA can support your transition to the cloud in this whitepaper, It’s Time to Accelerate to the Cloud

[1] Harvard Business Review, “Making the Leap to a Digital-First Enterprise”