AVEVA Plant SCADA is even better for 2023

Written by Jeremy Wilbert, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, AVEVA

AVEVA™ Plant SCADA (formerly Citect SCADA) brings you intuitive configuration tools and powerful engineering features to help you consolidate and streamline control over a growing array of data sources. With robust visualization capabilities, you can achieve a holistic view of your operations and optimize your plant operations—not only for the way you currently operate, but for the future. Here’s an overview of the newest features in Plant SCADA 2023.

What’s New in AVEVA Plant SCADA 2023

UI/UX enhancements

The updated interface provides more efficient workflows and a common user experience across AVEVA’s operations control software.

OPC UA Server tag writing

Designate users with permissions to write to tags through OPC UA server connectivity.

Industrial graphics tag writing

Write to tags directly from industrial graphics used in the Plant SCADA web client.

Alarm performance / equipment enhanced

Filtering operations on the Sequence of Events (SOE) and alarm summary pages have been significantly improved.

Equipment changes and improvements

New configuration parameters replace existing custom parameters for equipment types. These new configuration parameters are now stored in a dedicated configuration database, which removes 256-character limitations. The improvements also Include automatic migration from custom parameters to configuration parameters.

Web browser control for graphics builder

The new browser-based web control is deployable in the graphics builder.

Embed industrial graphic web components

Embed industrial graphics directly into Plant SCADA runtime clients.

Embed AVEVA Historian Client web application

Enhance your applications with the AVEVA™ Historian Client web application from within your Plant SCADA projects.

Embed HTML5 webpages

Add any HTML5-based webpage to your Plant SCADA applications with full interactivity.

Integration with AVEVA Connect

Use AVEVA™ Connect for identity management and authentication of user sign-in and sign-out.

Integration with AVEVA Development Studio

Publish tag configuration data for backup and centralized management within the new AVEVA™ Development Studio cloud application.

Microsoft Windows 11 and Server 2022 Support

Bring applications forward onto the latest operating systems from Microsoft.

AVEVA Enterprise license server

Web-based licensing server for centrally managing Plant SCADA as well as all AVEVA software license deployment. The new licensing server supports redundancy for maximum availability. Includes retirement of the Schneider Electric license manager.

Cybersecurity enrichment

Continuous enhancements and hardening are included in Plant SCADA 2023.

AVEVA always recommends using the latest version of your software to operate more securely. AVEVA Operations Control 2023 offers many new security enhancements.