AVEVA introduces an operations control reporting software based on an industry-proven solution

Written by Omer Qadri, AVEVA

The newly released AVEVA™ Reports for Operations is built on an award-winning solution—Dream Report. It uses 100% of the functionality of Dream Report, including the dashboarding capabilities, and it streamlines usage across all AVEVA™ Operations Control software.

AVEVA Reports for Operations 2020 R2 SP1 supersedes the previous Dream Report 5.0. AVEVA Reports for Operations 2020 R2 SP1 uses the activated licensing mechanism and offers flexible commercial models, including perpetual and subscription. This greatly simplifies the pricing model as there is no additional charge based on the type of connectors of data sources. The Life Sciences, SPC, and Batch modules are included at no additional charge. The MES module is the only add-on module that is sold separately. Furthermore, the dashboarding capability is now included in all run-time licenses free of charge, with the exception of the 50-tag license.

This new release also addresses increased requirements for industrial software cyber-security. The new version contains over 30 security and functional enhancements which positively affect the overall software performance and stability.

Purpose-built reporting with ease of use

The world of industrial automation presents data challenges that only a purpose-built reporting software can address with simplicity and efficiency. Traditional reporting software requires a significant amount of IT resources to implement and maintain, so only the most critical reports are generated.

Many reporting solutions are more adept at pulling data from a data source and placing results into an Excel Workbook for manipulation than giving you the one data result you are interested in. Reporting solutions that leverage Excel will typically query data manually and will populate a worksheet in a workbook. Ultimately, you’ll surround that data with the calculations and scripting required to formulate your result, and then have you copy that result to another worksheet that is formatting your final document. That’s a lot of work. Most users are not adept enough at Microsoft Excel to perform the scripting and data manipulation required.

A better solution is to focus on the task at hand—querying data automatically and then processing that data to achieve the result. AVEVA Reports for Operations addresses this customer issue through configuration-based design, scheduling, and report generation.

The leading reporting solution for automation

AVEVA Reports for Operations is a production, performance, and compliance reporting solution that applies to all types of industries. AVEVA Reports for Operations is designed for ease of use through a configuration-based approach. No SQL or programming skills are needed to design attractive, useful reports. Users simply configure reports through the drag-and-drop method. Operational users can create reports without help from IT personnel, so more reports can be generated, resulting in better internal communication and collaboration.

AVEVA Reports for Operations provides connectivity to all connectors including AVEVA™ System Platform, AVEVA™ InTouch HMI, AVEVA™ Plant SCADA (Citect), AVEVA™ Edge (Indusoft), AVEVA™ Historian, GeoSCADA (ClearSCADA), AVEVA™ Mobile Operator Round (IntelaTrac) and AVEVA™ PI System. It also enjoys broad connectivity with over 100 third-party data sources.

If you’re still using Microsoft Excel, SAP Crystal Reports, or Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for your automation-related reports and KPI dashboards, then it’s time to explore AVEVA Reports for Operations.