AVEVA™ InTouch 2023 modernization is a compelling reason to upgrade to the latest version

Written by Omer Qadri, AVEVA
For more than 30 years, AVEVA has led the way in HMI solutions. Companies from a wide range of industries across the globe trust AVEVA’s digital HMI tools to empower their teams, engineer smarter, and drive operational efficiency.

We’re constantly working to improve and innovate. We’re listening to feedback, advancing the solutions we provide, and finding new ways to give you the tools you need. Whether you’re a new customer or a longtime partner, our goal has always been to grow together alongside you, so you can meet the moment accordingly.

Reasons to Upgrade to InTouch 2023

Protecting your engineering investments

When your organization’s needs change, you need tools that change with you. Finding yourself limited by tag and client license caps is frustrating, and it’s important to preserve and protect your engineering investments in the long term.

With this in mind, AVEVA InTouch HMI 2023 will benefit tens of thousands of users through a new commercial offer, AVEVA InTouch Unlimited. AVEVA InTouch Unlimited delivers unlimited tags, unlimited clients, integrated historian, reporting, development tools including cloud storage for graphics, and a comprehensive suite of communication drivers.

AVEVA InTouch HMI 2023 offers a seamless upgrade path, exemplifying AVEVA’s commitment to preserving customer engineering investments through software upgrades. Users who previously had 3K and 5K tag licenses will be automatically upgraded to 10K tag licenses and those with previous 60K tag licenses will be upgraded to 100K.

Development with engineering efficiency in mind

To maximize the efficiency of your HMI software, it should be accessible to stakeholders across the enterprise. Next-gen HMI solutions, like AVEVA InTouch HMI 2023, make it easy for engineers and system builders to implement and maintain sophisticated applications safely, efficiently, and within compliance standards. Engineering teams can maximize the reuse of existing engineering work, with the ability to scale and support implementation remotely by distributed teams leveraging cloud.

AVEVA InTouch HMI 2023 delivers a more powerful development environment with modern UI/UX, including streamlined workflows. Industrial Graphics can now be stored in the cloud using AVEVA Integration Studio. HMI builders can design graphics, keep them locally, and then drag them to cloud storage. Graphics in the cloud can be used and edited by other remote developers, enabling more efficient collaboration across teams, so you can improve your overall efficiency in tandem.

Web widgets that make your industrial life easier

Beyond the world’s most powerful graphics library, AVEVA InTouch 2023 offers pre-built web widgets that expand the scope of process visualization. Web widgets provide the ability to integrate ready-to-use web controls in InTouch applications.

The latest InTouch installation comes equipped with a powerful Map widget, Carousel widget, Browser widget, QR code reader widget, and Teamwork widget. These web widgets transform what a modern HMI is capable of beyond visualization. For example, InTouch users can now roam the plant with mobile phones or tablets and scan QR Codes with the camera to dynamically bring up an HMI display or faceplate, operator work instruction, or any other contextual information. They can collaborate with more experienced staff in real time to troubleshoot any process abnormality.

New InTouch web widgets

Empowering connected workers on any device

Often, stakeholders are spread across locations and need to access HMI software on a variety of different devices. AVEVA InTouch HMI offers expanded visibility through its HTML5 industrial graphics technology.

This empowers you with a native web client, making visibility ubiquitous on any device. AVEVA InTouch HMI 2023 unveils Personal Workspaces, which give operators new flexibility to create customized, ad-hoc displays and dashboards during run-time, without any development tools, putting data accessibility at operators’ fingertips.

To support seamless upgrades, legacy applications that were built decades ago can be published over the web with minimal reconfiguration. The same familiar user experience is preserved across both the traditional and web client.

Looking for more? Watch the InTouch 2023 release video for a closer look.