AVEVA Insight | Advanced Analytics (Part 3)

Welcome to part three of our blog series on the AVEVA Insight April 2021 update. In this issue we switch focus to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and explore AVEVA Insight’s new advanced analytics options address 6 common industry use cases: quality, throughput, energy efficiency, uptime, reliability and asset life.

AI and machine learning

AVEVA is redefining the predictive analytics market through the intersection of AI and human insights. Combining intelligence with the digital twin enables customers to maximize profitability and drive risk out of their operations, while reducing downtime up to 25 per cent and maintenance costs by 30 per cent. AVEVA Insight now delivers self-service anomaly detection, with no programming required, through to more comprehensive analytics for in-depth analysis of operations and maintenance processes so that customers can take advantage of prescriptive actions, AI and machine learning across the enterprise. This enables distributed teams to collaborate with a single source of truth across the operational landscape to optimize performance.

The open platform consolidates and enriches data from multiple sources for greater visibility and improved decision-making and eases the transition from on-premises to cloud.

Advanced analytics

With the new advanced analytics capabilities in AVEVA Insight, we are not only able to detect anomalies, but we are also able to focus in on process optimization. The latest update now delivers advanced analytics for the following 6 industry specific use cases:

Process-oriented analytics for operations

  • Predictable Throughput. Identify optimal process conditions for a plant unit or area, and track current conditions versus target. Gain early notification if production throughput is slipping.
  • Reliable Quality. Eliminate costly production rejects and predict quality issues. Enable operators to adjust the production settings at the right time to realize consistent quality and avoid waste.
  • Energy efficiency. Reduce your carbon footprint and facilitate the insights for better energy use. Tightly monitor energy use to expose hidden costs.

Asset-based analytics for maintenance

  • Predictable Uptime. Minimize downtime due to unnecessary cleaning cycles by predicting the optimal time frame for cleaning or doing periodic maintenance of an asset.
  • Reducing downtime. Predict uptime and detect failures days, weeks or even months before they occur. Minimize production losses and realize higher production throughput to meet dynamic market demands.
  • Predictable Asset Life. Forecast remaining asset life and influence operations and maintenance costs and life cycle management. Make confident CAPEX decisions with data driven analytics.

With AVEVA Insight customers gain speed and agility, with the ability to operationalize analytics at scale. To connect to data, build a model and deploy into production takes most users less than an hour. The following graphic shows the most common use cases and associated metrics addressed with the new advanced analytics add-on capabilities.

Advanced analytics with AVEVA Insight

If you are yet to try AVEVA Insight for yourself, now is a great time to get started. Explore the live demo and sign up for a free 45-day trial using your own data and see how easy it is to take your industrial operations to the cloud.