AVEVA accelerates its portfolio-wide commitment to subscription through AVEVA Flex

Written by Saadi Kermani, Vice President of Cloud Platform and Digital Business, AVEVA
This week, AVEVA announced its global transition to a subscription based business model. It’s an exciting time as we look to the tremendous opportunities available to you, our customers, through a commercial subscription model that opens access to our full, comprehensive engineering, operations, and data management portfolio. I’d like to share my perspective on the transition and the value it represents beyond the traditional perpetual licensing software model.

AVEVA has a rich history in industrial software, helping more than 20,000 enterprises in over 100 countries work more efficiently and sustainably across diverse industries. In recent years, we’ve put many organizations on a path to digital transformation, including through software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud-enabled solutions.

Subscriptions have changed the way we consume many things, from business, office, and creative software to streaming services for music, movies, gaming, and more. Now we’re giving customers that same opportunity through subscription-based critical industrial software, preparing them for a more agile and sustainable future.

AVEVA has a rich history in industrial software

Today, all new licenses for our major engineering and operations solutions are only available via subscription. We anticipate more than 80% of customer contracts will move from perpetual to subscription licensing by 2025. To help with this transition, existing customers can trade in current perpetual licenses toward a new subscription.

Data is the foundation of technologica innovation. The transition to subscription helps industries accelerate digital transformation, advancing innovation while enabling the responsible use of the world’s finite resources. The industrial sector relies on open, agnostic systems that can securely bring together information technology (IT), operations technology (OT), and engineering technology (ET) data. That’s where AVEVA excels, offering subscriptions of any mix of on-premises, hybrid, and SaaS solutions across the entire design-operate-optimize industrial life cycle.

A subscription puts you in control, reducing your upfront costs by as much as 65% while easing budgetary pressure by moving funding from capital expenditure (CapEx) budgets-which are almost always under strain-to operating expense (OpEx) budgets. Subscription helps overcome traditional barriers to software adoption while enabling flexibility and scalability to respond to changing business needs, industry standards, and regulatory requirements.

Importantly, cloud services need not be an either/or situation. Products can be implemented in a hybrid cloud architecture, meaning some aspects remain on-premises while others reside in the cloud. This hybrid approach allows your critical real-time systems to stay on-premises while selectively moving data to the cloud to perform deeper analysis and share insights across your business. Regardless of your approach, we can help you on your digital transformation journey.

The AVEVA Flex subscription program

AVEVA Flex is our innovative subscription program. It provides a simple and flexible way to buy, use, and manage AVEVA software. Flex credits are the currency of AVEVA Flex. You are in control with a pay-as-you-use approach: Purchase a pool of Flex credits, then use them to consume any mix of our software.

Through AVEVA Flex, you can access the AVEVA™ Connect industrial cloud platform, which hosts and connects industrial software solutions managed from one place. AVEVA Connect is the foundation that makes all of our cloud products and SaaS experiences possible. It also functions as the AVEVA Flex customer experience portal. Our customers manage their AVEVA Flex subscriptions, product licenses, and all of their cloud services through AVEVA Connect

AVEVA subscription architecture
Flexible and scalable

The future of SaaS at AVEVA is moving toward a data-rich ecosystem that incorporates AVEVA and partner solutions in one single, secure environment. A key to achieving that is a commitment to transition to subscription and enable you to innovate on your own terms. AVEVA Flex helps you unlock the full potential of your on-premises and/or cloud-enabled solutions. It helps remove traditional barriers to digital transformation and lets you optimize your industrial software costs with a convenient, flexible subscription program.

“Our vision is to be a major global force in driving the green energy transition. To achieve that requires innovative approaches. AVEVA Flex subscription removes the barriers to innovation and will be instrumental to our success.”

Michala Mulvad-Thiim, Senior Project Manager, European Energy

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