AUVESY-MDT Connect 2022 on May 24-25 – Connecting 500 industry experts from around the world

The leading international trade event for automation management and production safety

AUVESY-MDT, one of the global market and technology leaders for data management in highly automated industrial companies, will be opening a new forum at Connect 2022. This new forum will enable the international exchange of knowledge with regards to IT and OT failure as well as prevention. This will take place between May 24 and 25 and round 500 production management experts from all over the world are expected to attend.

AUVESY-MDT Connect 2022

Advances in the field of automation and the digitalization of modern production facilities is leading to increasing complexity as well as the increasing risk of production failure, the damage of which can quickly run into millions. On this and other topics, AUVESY-MDT Connect 2022 will offer a unique worldwide opportunity for exchanging experiences and offering dialog. During this event, AUVESY-MDT will introduce its recently developed digital platform for the first time. This platform has been precisely tailored to the needs of the industry.

Technical presentations will include numerous current application examples from international organizations and companies, such as Siemens Energy AS, CERN and Nanostone Water. In addition to this, the event, which is scheduled to last two days, will feature presentations by the Fraunhofer Institute, as well as the leading CyberSecurity provider Claroty. More information can be found on the following link:

``Here at AUVESY-MDT Connect 2022, we are pleased to present the diverse IT and OT security insights that we have managed to gain from the over 3,200 installations at our approximately 2,500 globally distributed customers. Thanks to the successful merger of AUVESY and MDT, we have once again extended our leadership position as an industry partner for ensuring maximum resilience, minimum downtime, as well as the highest quality and safety standards. We now want to share our expertise with our customers and other interested parties as part of this novel initiative,`` - Dr. Tim Weckerle, Group CEO of AUVESY-MDT.

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