A new, more powerful AVEVA Historian and Historian Client

Written by Jeremy Wilbert, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, AVEVA

Capture and collect high-fidelity industrial data with AVEVA™ Historian. Advanced storage and compression techniques and an industry-standard query interface gives you open access to your process, alarm, and event data. Make faster, more informed decisions and give your team a deeper understanding of operational performance. Here’s an overview of the newest features in Historian 2023.

What’s New in AVEVA Historian 2023

Create more meaningful metrics using ad hoc expressions

  • Access a rich function library
  • Use the interactive editor in Historian Client (web)
  • Use expressions directly in SQL, REST, and SDK interfaces

Share data with other systems

  • Add Historian data to AVEVA PI System and AVEVA Data Hub
  • Simpler, faster backfill speeds up data

Modernized user interfaces

  • A new ribbon interface makes Historian Client (desktop) more intuitive
  • The user interface for Historian Client (web) has a new modern look
  • New icons are available in the management console

Improved Excel Task Pane add-in

  • Access detailed data (full, delta)
  • Access streamlined workflows

Security hardening

  • Historian adds a simple HTTPS option for Historian Client (web)
  • Insecure communications are disabled by default
  • Remote data collection is hardened (Remote IDAS)

Take advantage of the improvements to AVEVA Historian and Historian Client 2023! AVEVA always recommends using the most current version of the software for access to the latest security updates and patches.