Tech Note 52: How to configure and query Wonderware Historian 9.0 as a linked server to another Microsoft SQL Server

Sometimes clients who request data from the Wonderware Historian (previously known as IndustrialSQL Server or simply InSQL) may not be directly connected to the Historian (for instance, if the Wonderware Historian is behind a firewall), or there may be a need to present data from multiple Wonderware Historians on the network within a single report.

Therefore it may be necessary or beneficial to set up a central reporting server and have that server retrieve data from one or more Wonderware Historians. In such scenario data clients would connect only to the central reporting server, which in turn would query the Wonderware Historians on the clients’ behalf.

Some implementations of the scenario above may benefit from a feature of Microsoft SQL Server called linked server. Using the linked server feature it’s possible to define a Wonderware Historian as a linked server against a Microsoft SQL Server and subsequently query Historian’s data from a client connected to that Microsoft SQL Server node.

This way Historian data can be accessed by SQL clients that are not connected directly to the Historian server, or Historian data can be retrieved by Microsoft SQL Server-based enterprise level reporting and analytical systems that are not equipped with Wonderware Historian but need to access data managed by it.

This Tech Note details necessary procedure.

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