TWINCAT OI Server 1.2

Operations Integration Core 1.2 must be installed prior to installing this OI Server.

The OI Server uses the ADS Library for communication and should support any TCP/IP Ethernet Beckhoff device compatible with the ADS Library version you install.

The following devices were used in the conformance tests:

ADS Library: TC1000:TC3
Beckhoff TwinCAT PLC/IO on Windows XP/7/8
CX1000 and CX1020 with Windows Embedded Compact 5.0 and 6.0
PLC BC9000, BX9000 and CP66xx with Windows Embedded Compact 5.0 for ARMV4i processor
The TC1000:TC3 Library should also be compatible with CX1010, CX1020, CX1030, CX2000, CX5000, CX5100, CX8000, and CX9000 and any other device hosting the TwinCAT runtime 2 and 3.

If you are unsure if your specific device is supported, please contact your Beckhoff support and confirm your device compatibility with the ADS Library.

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