Intelligence 2014 R3

Change Summary

  • Ability to directly use a Historian tag as a time-defining dimension without having to create a custom query ((leveraging the wwResolution field in millisecond for a TDD duration).
  • An Event API exposed through REST-based services, which provides the ability to trigger the refresh of dimensions and measures, through an external application. Measure records can also be refreshed for a specific time range (for example, refresh measure records between 10:00 and 11:30 on a specified day).
  • Higher precision for date time values. The Intelligence data store has been revamped to store all date times using SQL Server’s DateTime2(7) datatype.
  • Reintroduction of OSIsoft PI data adapter.
  • Time-defining dimensions support a duration in milliseconds.
  • Improved Tableau Server API implementation for concurrent licensing request and release; requests to the API are much faster to process. Note that the Concurrent Licensing add-on is now license-enforced using the new license manager (activation required).
  • Single install media which includes the Tableau Server Concurrent Licensing add-on and the Data Adapter SDK.

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