Alarm Adviser 2017 Patch 1

What’s New?

  • Newly integrated ClearSCADA collector allows for consolidation of remote site alarm data helping to identify nuisance alarms from multiple ClearSCADA systems.
  • Simplified navigation with new drill down capability from Dashboard View to Analysis reports, replicating analysis time periods, enabling users to quickly identify and diagnose alarm anomalies.
  • Improvements to Demo mode. The alarm record retrieval capacity has been extended from 2000 to 1,000,000 to provide more context into alarm history.
  • New entry level Alarm Adviser “InTouch Lite” edition for customers with up to 5 alarm providers.
  • New enterprise Alarm Adviser “Unlimited” edition for customers connecting to more than 10 alarm systems offering enhanced insight into alarm performance for complex architectures / enterprise level customers.
  • Licensing Server is no longer bound to the Alarm Adviser installation, allowing for flexible licensing deployments.
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