Outpost™ Edge

Connect and integrate data from the physical edge to your enterprise applications

For many businesses in the industrial sector, it’s not feasible to base all operational data in the cloud. Companies require a different approach to minimise security and safety risks, reduce latency and bandwidth costs, and ensure business continuity.

Reekoh Outpost™ Edge is a distributed integration platform that gives you the ability to connect your on-premise data to enterprise business applications using secure network ‘edge gateways’.

Running Reekoh Outpost™ Edge on a gateway device inside your factory or facility enables data to be ingested, transformed, and enhanced to ensure only relevant data is sent through the cloud to integrate into your enterprise systems. This reduces bandwidth needs and prevents costly data lags that can impact efficiency and jeopardise safety.

A powerful hybrid integration platform

The Outpost™ Edge platform brings agility and flexibility to ‘distributed integration’ by combining data from edge devices, secure networks, enterprise business applications and cloud environments within an organisation. Connect on-device data collection and transformation to the Reekoh Accelerate™ Integration Platform or other cloud endpoints and on-premise integrations.


Run all our integration plugins on the Edge

With Outpost™ Edge, you can use our Integration Library that has hundreds of pre-built integrations for different enterprise systems, protocols, networks, and data sources to build data workflows that can be deployed to the cloud or the Edge. You can also design data pipelines to run on the Edge and, if needed, connect to a custom endpoint directly using partners such as Microsoft Azure IoT Edge and AVEVA Edge.

Get fast data transfer with
Outpost™ Edge MQTT

Quickly integrate on-premise data to your enterprise applications with our Outpost™ Edge MQTT Broker, a ready-made MQTT Broker designed to operate on the edge and enable hybrid deployment. Simple to configure and deploy, the Outpost™ Edge MQTT Broker creates an immediate MQTT communication solution that can power simple data transfer or fully integrated enterprise applications.

Industrial Integration from Edge to Enterprise

While Reekoh Outpost is a standalone integration platform, the possibilities are endless when paired with the Reekoh Accelerate™ Integration Platform. When combined, you have the flexibility of a complete hybrid-deployment model.

For example, transform firewall arrangements to be outbound only by having webhook based platforms pass data to the cloud platform before being bridged to Outpost™ Edge. Run the bulk of your integration in our highly scalable cloud platform, but bridge to Outpost™ Edge for on-premise integration. Or collect data from edge devices and associate data inside Microsoft Azure IoT Hub with the underlying sensor, not the edge device itself.

Need to integrate data quickly and securely with the physical edge? Get in touch with us to learn and see more.