Control Configuration Manager (formerly Prometheus)

Managing control strategies, code and standards across many PLC’s and SCADA/HMI systems is a huge challenge and a heavy burden for any organization. Control Configuration Manager is the industry’s first universal configuration solution that defines, programs and documents your control code into all your control systems from the HMI to your PLCs and I/O.

Control Configuration Manager gives you an extraordinary, high level programming environment that automates complex configuration tasks and enables you to configure all of your control components, regardless of type or vendor brand.

By removing the complexity and the tedious burden of updating multiple applications, Control Configuration Manager drives greater agility across your automation and control systems to ensure that your plants run the most efficient and up-to-date processes.

Key Value Drivers

  • Dramatically reduces complexity of control design
  • Greatly reduces startup and deployment times, costs and expertise required
  • Centralizes standards management regardless of target device or vendor
  • Makes changes easy and more manageable to help you improve asset performance and working life
  • Captures and documents your control strategies to share knowledge amongst team members and reduce risk during employee transition

Control Configuration Manager delivers benefits to everyone on the control team

Control Configuration Manager structures and simplifies the entire development process, delivering benefits to everyone on the control team.

For the operations team, Control Configuration Manager delivers total transparency and visibility with simulation and an online view of executing logic to provide you with total control and keep the process running; no more jumping wires in the cabinet or forcing values in the controller. With real time process monitoring during change deployment, Control Configuration Manager makes it possible to implement process improvements to the controller safely and without disruption.

Control Configuration Manager

Single Configuration & Standards Environment

Reduce the risk and cost associated with developing, testing, commissioning and maintaining control systems; from single controller projects to large scale projects distributed across multiple controllers (PLC, DCS, RTU, IoT devices and Supervisory applications) and multiple vendors.

Change impact analysis

Control Configuration Manager provides change impact analysis combined with process state monitoring to synchronize change propagation across all components of a running control system. Seamless synchronization of all components enables incremental improvement to operational assets in real-time by reducing risks associated with implementing changes. This enables improving asset performance without waiting for a major project or scheduled shutdown.

Polymorphic configurable blocks

Control Configuration Manager uses what are called “polymorphic configurable blocks” which facilitate efficient configuration changes for individual site differences. It gives you the ability to inject managed code into the PLC, alongside existing code, to allow improvements to be tested and validated and, if required, can be easily removed without compromising the host control strategy.

Single Environment

Control Configuration Manager combines control code and HMI configuration into a single environment so that errors associated with HMI tag configuration are eliminated. Its unique integrated approach substantially reduces the cost of integration testing and commissioning and enables commissioning of I/O from the HMI.

XML Deployment

Control Configuration Manager supports XML so that you can completely decouple it from your control system infrastructure. Prometheus does not impose any requirement to change or modify what you have in place today to operate and or support your assets.


Control Configuration Manager has the capability of providing low fidelity simulation to let you test the control strategy prior to deployment on site, and also to support operator training.

Native Connector

Control Configuration Manager comes with a native connector for Wonderware System Platform, Clear SCADA and will soon have connectors for InTouch HMI and Citect HMI.

Online Animation & Editing

Online animation and editing of runtime execution for faster troubleshooting.

Incremental Download

Incremental download to running controllers to help decrease development time and lower startup deployment.

Control Configuration Manager Features

Your control code is developed inside Control Configuration Manager, independent of the target device, but is compiled by the vendor’s original software to ensure compliance and validation, and also to download to the target device. This approach gives you the best of all worlds: device-agnostic development and management and standards compliance, while leveraging the unique features of every platform in your operation and using the vendor’s own tools to ensure compatibility.

With real time process monitoring during change deployment, Control Configuration Manager makes it possible to implement process improvements to the controller safely and without disruption.

Standardized Process Definition

Control Configuration Manager lets you define your process, without ambiguity, from single controller projects to large scale projects distributed across multiple controllers (PLC, RTU, IoT devices and Supervisory applications) and from multiple vendors.

Centralize management of standards from a single console

Control Configuration Manager enables engineering groups to develop standardized templates and libraries using economical, general purpose computers, and then scale up over time as your configured code is deployed to specific devices, wherever you have them: locally, regionally or globally across your entire organization.

Reusable Templates

Control Configuration Manager lets you work at an appropriately high level – hiding unnecessary complexities of the target control systems, without ever compromising on functionality. Control Configuration Manager lets you easily create and validate reusable templates, which provide the interface between all the control elements that eventually you will deploy to your target control devices.

Change impact analysis and process state monitoring

Control Configuration Manager uses change impact analysis, combined with process state monitoring, to synchronize change propagation across all components of a running control system. Seamless live synchronization of all components enables incremental improvement of operational assets in real-time. Its runtime synchronization enables immediate asset performance improvements without the need to wait for scheduled downtime to deploy changes.

prometheus core2

Timely Decision Making

Control Configuration Manager has a multi user framework which provides all engineering disciplines with visibility into the project, to ensure early identification of issues and support timely decision-making.

Workflows improve rigor and validation

Workflows in Control Configuration are flexible as each control asset is built as a modular component; work can start at the top with the process definition or at the bottom with the I/O. Control Configuration Manager highlights incomplete work so you are assured of no loose ends, and with low fidelity simulation built in, testing and validation is easy.

prometheus core3
prometheus core4

Vendor Neutral

Control Configuration Manager is vendor neutral and platform independent with code libraries that support intelligent plug and socket assembly. It eliminates the burden for you have experts on staff to be proficient in Allen-Bradley, Modicon, Siemens or Raspberry Pi etc. This gives you even more benefits including

  • Projects are implemented much faster
  • Process plant and business improvements can be sourced from a diverse range of disciplines – engineering resources no longer have to be PLC literate
  • Minimizes the need for specific multi-vendor experience and lets you employ a broader range of resources
  • No experience is required to translate improvements across different control systems