District Energy Optimization

Regulatory standards are becoming more and more complex and require extensive documentation – even contingency plans for the unexpected. District energy utilities are moreover expected to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Another major challenge is to minimize the energy loss of energy supplied to the network. Most district energy utilities operate at a constant supply temperature despite fluctuations in demand and changing weather conditions.

District Energy Optimization utilizes Termis, which can help you confront these challenges. Termis is a hydraulic modeling tool, which simulates flow, pressure and thermal behavior in your distribution network. Unlike other tools, Termis uses real-time data to analyze and track the current situation. This enables operators to make better and smarter decisions and to optimize production and enhance your economic performance.

District Energy Management

Termis is the most advanced software for real-time planning and optimization of district heating and cooling network operations.

Reduces energy usage, costs and CO2 emissions while ensuring the required level of service

Minimizes maintenance & operational risks and costs by predicting network behavior to determine what will happen before it does

Improves service and planning to save time and investment

Builds on existing data and operational technology to give greater visibility through actionable information

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Dynamic Temperature Optimization

Minimizes the operation costs within the network by automatically advising or adjusting set points for inlet temperatures, while still ensuring that all consumers have at least the minimum guaranteed supply temperature.

Augmented Reality

Reaches where SCADA does not get with virtual sensors and network wide monitoring. SCADA systems allow for a partial monitoring of the network, but it does not provide the option to manage the network efficiently with fluctuations in demand and changing weather conditions.

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