Core Platform

The core platform is the heart of an Asset to Enterprise industrial automation system, acquiring and redistributing data to the appropriate engineering, operations and maintenance applications.

This communication channel between raw data sources and data management processes, includes the definition and structuring of a data model that enables context and equipment relationships to extend into reporting and analytics, creating more relevant and actionable information.

Information provided by the core platform forms the foundation used for building a sophisticated set of tools that empower organizations to enhance their ability to operate and manage industrial activities.

Core Platform Example

Core Platform Solutions

System Platform

System Platform is the centralization engine uniting data with context and providing a comprehensive visualization framework featuring re-usable content to create the optimal user experience.

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Historian is a specialized database, capable of handling sub-second data capture and reliable time-stamping, with store & forward capability, while making data quick and easy to report and analyze.

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Communication Drivers

Communication Drivers bridge the protocol divide between software and hardware, establishing a reliable and seamless connection for data transportation from the various equipment in a facility.

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