Control Configuration Manager


Deploy Through Standards

AVEVA Control Configuration Manager is the world’s first universal configuration solution that automates and standardizes programming and control across all operational technologies within an enterprise, regardless of type or vendor brand.

Heralding a new era in industrial agility and asset optimization, Control Configuration Manager bridges the gap between control and supervisory systems, synchronizing operations and streamlining transformation while helping organizations build a foundation for excellence.

Customer challenges continue to evolve as the scope of automation changes exponentially. With the increased adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies as companies advance their digital transformations, harnessing an increasing volume of data from a variety of sources while optimizing long term asset performance, continue to be leading challenges for industrial automation customers.

AVEVA Control Configuration Manager Screenshot

Automating and Standardizing Programming

Consistent build application

  • IEC61131 editors
  • Object oriented
  • Same environment regardless of vendor technology
  • Multi user, multi tenant
  • Check in / Check out
  • Distribute project across different locations
  • Flexible security
  • Bulk generation of logic

Consistent deploy application

  • Deploys to PLC and HMI
  • Manages multiple PLCs / HMIs
  • Ensures safe conditions at all times

Universal configuration and management

  • Common environment and single project database
  • Interfaces to existing vendor technologies
  • Existing vendor technologies

Common design architecture

  • Single to multiple systems
  • PLC and HMI
  • Flexibility
  • User configurable

Common change application

  • Online animation of logic
  • Change PLC values
  • Runtime watch animation table
  • Make online changes where allowed by the target platform

Common design standards

  • Templates consist of PLC and HMI
  • Version management
  • Change log
  • Polymorphic

“The ability to leverage time spent in hardware development to lessen the development time necessary in your software environment is very powerful. Engineering reuse has always been a major focus of AVEVA software, and this looks to increase that ability to a whole new level.”
– Water Company, SCADA Manager

Control Configuration Manager Coding
Control Configuration Manager Environment

AVEVA Control Configuration Manager Adds Value

  • Manage different control system technologies using a single application
  • Manage different VENDOR technologies using a single application
  • Manage different control system technologies using a single application
  • Manage your control system standards using a single application
  • Easily deploy and manage standards across your teams
  • Easily integrate and sync your HMI/SCADA and PLC applications
  • Guarantee that high quality data is available across your operations
  • Reduce cost and time in project deployment and increase engineering efficiency
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Streamline digital transformation by providing alignment and synchronization throughout the organization from ERP, to PLC, HMI/SCADA, and the I/O level.